LOCATION                koper, slovenia
PROJECT YEAR         2016    
COMPLETION           /
TYPE                          residential
CLIENT                      private
RENDER                 igor marasovic, blaz skorjanc
TEAM                        igor marasovic, blaz skorjanc,
                                  gaja brulc


For this project, we had to create a new apartment inside a big single-family house. We projected construction of the apartment in the former attic that originally included: a master bedroom with a bathroom, two children’s rooms, a study, another bathroom and a social space that also served as a hallway between the rooms.

By merging the study room, the hallway and one of the bathrooms, we conceived the base for a new open space that will be the core of the apartment. The floor plan of the surrounding rooms remains almost the same. 

There were still a few elements that represented obstacles in achieving what was our vision for the space. The first one was the chimney from the lower floors that crossed our newly created space right in the middle. The second issue were all the doors that would have to face the main space. In this way, it would look more like a hallway than a living room.

The answer to the chimney was to build a kitchen around it, creating a geometric body that separates the kitchen from the rest of the space and accentuates the form of the two-sloped roof. As for the problem of the doors, we simply pushed the entrances towards the rooms, creating two small hallways. A part of each hallway is covered with a perforated partition that at the same time, hides the radiators.