LOCATION                koper, slovenia
PROJECT YEAR        2018   
COMPLETION           /
TYPE                         residential
CLIENT                      private
RENDER                   igor marasovic, blaz skorjanc
TEAM                        igor marasovic, blaz skorjanc, gaja brulc


This project is a result of a close collaboration between our studio and the clients. It was their open-minded approach to new ideas and the ability to think about a non-ordinary lifestyle that made this project possible.
The apartment is situated on the first floor of a historical house in the centre of Koper. The house was once the home of a noble family, but after WW II, was divided into smaller apartments like many others. Apart from the location, the façade and the various details, one of the main characteristics that testifies to its noble past is the “piano nobile” with its great height.
In the attempt to restore some of the original glory of the building we faced two main challenges:
-the small number of windows (3 – all on the same façade)
-the client’s needs (a spacious living room, a bedroom, an office that easily converts into another bedroom, a bathroom, a storage room and a utility room)

A normal scenario would suggest attaching the bedroom to one of the windows, resulting in a less spacious living space with less natural light. With the help and collaboration of the clients we designed a living space that uses all three windows and pushed the other rooms back into the inner part of the apartment. The rooms are composed of two levels and separated from the living space by a second façade. The use of glass and two layers of curtains guarantees privacy when needed and provides natural light and views of the main street.