LOCATION               dalmatian coast, croatia
PROJECT YEAR       2018    
COMPLETION          /
TYPE                        commercial
CLIENT                     private
RENDER                 igor marasovic, blaz skorjanc
TEAM                       igor marasovic, blaz skorjanc,
                                 gaja brulc


When we first saw this beautiful, intact peace of nature, it became immediately clear that we needed to preserve and emphasize its beauty in the proposal.

We laid a wooden platform over the existing terrain, fully adapted to its shape, preserving all the trees in theirs position. We had to divide the platform into two parts because of the interventing path. In addition we added a third platform: a suspension net overlooking the sea. 

The net became what we called a “beach area”, the first wooden platform a “lounge area”, while the second a “dining area”. The programs of each platform were designed to enable everyone to enjoy the sea view.

The bar itself is designed to fulfil its practical and functional purpose, while having a minimal visual impact on the surroundings. It consists of two cubes, covered in polished stainless steel. The mirror effect continues to reflect the surrounding landscape through the cubes. The shape and the height of the cubes allows the views to continue in all directions.

The bar is closed simply by pulling the two counters together.