LOCATION               crni kal, slovenia
PROJECT YEAR       2017    
COMPLETION          /
TYPE                        residential
CLIENT                     private
RENDER                 igor marasovic, blaz skorjanc
TEAM                       igor marasovic, blaz skorjanc,
                                 gaja brulc


The existing house is in the immediate vicinity of the Crni Kal Viaduct, the largest and highest in Slovenia. From the site intended for the extension, a wonderful view opens out towards St. George’s Church in Rozar, as well as the viaduct itself. In addition to the views, the analysis also took into account the orientation and the movement of the sun during different seasons.

The idea was to offer everything available on a big estate: a gate, a yard, a garden, a garage… but in such a way that the boundaries between individual functions are blurred and thus achieve the same comfort in a very small space. We created a one-storey house with a garage on the ground level. By opening and closing the two garage doors to the garden or to the road, the size of individual units changes and adapts to the user’s wishes.

The shape and the materiality of the house is related to traditional Karst architecture. The concrete facade is a reinterpretation of the old limestone and sandstone facade. The openings on the facade begin with a small window to the north and grow in size to the large panoramic window on the west facade. The small window relates to tradition and the past, the big one represents the present. The windows are organized in a way that offers a complete overview of the viaduct and St. George’s Church, while at the same, provides natural light from the east and the west.