LOCATION                portoroz, slovenia
PROJECT YEAR        2017   
COMPLETION           /
TYPE                         commercial
CLIENT                      private
RENDER                   igor marasovic, blaz skorjanc
TEAM                        igor marasovic, blaz skorjanc, gaja brulc


The challenge of this project was to create a space that would serve as breakfast room (for couples and families) in the morning and as a place for culinary experiences for groups in the evening. When we thought about the apparent differences between the two programs, it seemed to us that the most difficult to overcome were differences in the required atmosphere, seating positions, user expectations and staff needs.

The design of the tables allows for multiple seating positions without much effort.  The use of natural morning light creates an atmosphere suitable for a breakfast room, while the use of the warm light of the pendant bulbs creates the necessary atmosphere for a dining experience. The positions of the lights is designed to fit the needs of two layouts.

The Kantina is situated in the centre of a unique garden in the heart of Portoroz that due to its wild vegetation seems almost forgotten. The beauty of the randomness of nature is something we wanted to bring into the interior. To achieve this effect we used dozens of pendant bulbs, hanging plants, thousands of wooden cubes (used as a wall covering), the pattern of the polished concrete on the floor, walls and on the ceiling, the random use of tiles and wood as covering for the tables,...