LOCATION                marezige, slovenia
PROJECT YEAR        2016    
COMPLETION          2017
TYPE                         commercial
CLIENT                      private
PHOTO                     blaz skorjanc
TEAM                        igor marasovic, blaz skorjanc,
                                  gaja brulc


When Miran and Ester Bencetic from Fogy Tartufi first came to us with the idea of transforming the basement of their country house into a truffle show-room, we were in doubt if the existing house could tolerate any additional visual elements.

As we started to discover the world of truffles, it became clear that we had to make a parasite; like the truffle that feeds on the host tree. 
We created what seemed to be the parasite of the existing house. A cleansed geometric body covered in perforated steel panels with an emphasized entrance. The form of the parasite aims to reduce the visual impact and the imposing size (at least for the rural countryside) of the original house. 

The color study suggested the use of earth-tone colors, as they are already found in the existing house, the surrounding Istrian landscape, as well as in the truffles.

The interior design brings the logic of the facade into the show-room. The dark engraved MDF panels, oiled oak and brushed spruce are combined to symbolize the structure and the characteristic pattern of both the Black, and the White truffle.